Saturday, December 30, 2006

Nevada Library Swaps Food for Fines

Dayton's procrastinating readers with overdue library books can still receive amnesty from fines by way of a food donation if they bring their nonperishable items to the library by Friday.

The Dayton Valley branch will forgive one fine per food item brought in, said librarian Theresa Kenneston.

"So if they have five items overdue, they need to bring in five cans of food," she said.

Donations can be canned or dried vegetables, fruits, soups, meats and stews, prepackaged rice and noodles, cereal, and other nonperishables. "Nothing in a jar," Kenneston said.

Those who don't owe fines are also encouraged to make food donations.

The Food for Fines program does not include library items that have been lost or damaged and must be replaced.

Staff and volunteers with the Lyon County Human Services Department will distribute the donated nonperishable food items through the Dayton food bank at the Dayton Community Center, 170 Pike St.

The food bank will be distributing the food from 4:30-6 p.m. Jan 11.

The Carson City Library's Food For Fines program ended Nov. 22.

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