Saturday, February 10, 2007

Rural, Native and Tribal Libraries

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ALA has an advocacy site for Rural, Native and Tribal libraries. This is cool–I didn’t know they had this sort of specialization, but I am enthused to know it has been going on for awhile now.

I knew WebJunction had a special team of people doing work with rural and tribal (First Nation) libraries. Of course George and Chrystie will know more than me on this! (And it gets top billing on the page for Best Practices.)

In particular, the ALA site has a nice PDF tip sheet that gives you A Small but Powerful Guide to Winning Big Support for Your Rural Library. This is great!

I am thinking about advocacy in particular because I just sat in on a call with the Reference Interest Group at OCLC Members Council–where I know Eric and George are, right now, in Quebec City. The group was interested to hear what we’re doing on advocacy, and of course gave us some good guidance on what OCLC should concentrate on, from the members’ perspective! For all of us not in Quebec City, chime in here and I will make sure your voice is heard! Content from: It’s all good

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