Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Inside an outsourced library

posted by Blake

In September 2006, the city of Redding, two hours south of Medford on Interstate 5, decided to outsource the running of the three libraries in Shasta County to Library Systems and Services LLC (known by the acronym LSSI). Shasta County has struggled for decades to try to keep libraries open and has gone through financial downturns similar to what Jackson County faced leading up to the closure of all 15 branches here on April 6.

Librarian Gabe Burke said everyone was offered a job either at the city or at the library. He said that in working with LSSI he doesn't live with the annual fear that he may lose his job. Also, he could transfer within the company if he wanted. "I almost feel more secure with LSSI," he said. Burke said his salary is similar to what he was getting previously and his benefits are comparable. "I'm not losing any money," he said.

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