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Leftovers from Internet Librarian 2006


I have not reported on every program at Internet Librarian, which is at this point so two-weeks-ago, but there are a few good points to add.

1493 librarians, speakers, and exhibitors gathered in Monterey, California for the 10th annual Internet Librarian Conference. Sponsored by Information Today, Inc., the conference focused on “using, developing, and embracing Net- and Web-based strategies” in librarians. Librarians from public, academic, special, and government libraries attended.

Best of Resource Shelf

Gary Price of Resource Shelf and highlighted lots of new websites for information professionals and the general public. His list with links is on the web at Missing from the list is FlightAware which lets searchers see exactly where commercial airplanes are in real time.

Mashup Applications

At a conference like the LITA Forum or Internet Librarian, I sometimes go to a presentation about which I know very very little. At Internet Librarian 2006 I attended Mashup Applications with John Blyberg of Ann Arbor District Library and Chris Deweese of the Lewis and Clark library System in Illinois.

Blyberg said that a mashup is an Internet software application created by bringing together two pieces of otherwise unrelated software. He said the term comes from the music industry where older recordings are mixed to create new recordings.

He had four points to make:

  • Mashups do not require code writing. The code already exits.
  • Results are instantaneous. The user creates his or her Internet tools.
  • Results can be striking.
  • Mashups are central to the evolving web.

In demonstrating his points, the speaker completely lost me. You may not need to write code, but you need to read it and know what bits to take, how to combine it, and where to put it. He moved a little too fast for me in this presentation. I need to start again with this topic.

Chris Deweese showed an application of Google Maps.

What I Gained from Attending Internet Libraian 2006

I learned more about how wikis work. I would like to use one in the library to keep track of ready reference information. A wiki could also serve well as a staff Intranet because it would be easy for everyone to contribute and edit. Policies, procedures, and forms could be managed efficiently for the department.

I heard several discussions about effective web page design, which is relevant to our current web site project.

I collected ideas for increasing the use of our online databases. Web linking and directed marketing were included.

I was given new ideas on marketing library across the Internet. The library can reach more clients through social software applications.

I learned about dozens of useful websites.

I met some of the librarians who write the blogs that I read. I enjoyed this benefit of the conference very much.

I met with Aaron Schmidt several times to discuss the website and other technology at our library. We dined well.

I was exposed to new ideas about the future of libraries and librarianship.

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