Saturday, November 25, 2006

The Marshall Public Library is Getting More Attention Than They Bargained For…

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Besides the origin of this link — the International Herald Tribune — what’s notable is an interesting tidbit about the recent brouhaha at the Marshall Public Library regarding two “pornographic” graphic novels.

Blankets and Fun Home touched off what library director Amy Crump called the first challenge of library materials in the facility’s 16-year history.

The plot thickens…


I was reading about this in the print edition of American Free Press but can't find their story online...

Some fundies want these books removed from the Marshll Public they protested.

The anti protestors & Library Director, Amy Crump, are citing the The Freedom to Read Statement, which is part of libraries official policy.

The AFP article says that "'Fun Home' depicts a lesbian couple conversing nude in bed while engaging in sex acts"...

The other book, 'Blankets' "shows heterosexual sex and "pillow talk" scenes between a young couple. The girl is shown naked from the waist up."

"One of the books was in the library's teen section."

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