Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Create RSS Feeds for Feedless Web Pages

posted by birdie

Michael R. Balmer writes "RSS is blossoming into the de facto protocol used by many websites as the means of distributing their news and information. However, not all websites support this feature yet.

I recently came across a nifty tool called Feedity, which is an RSS generator for web pages without a web syndication format. Feedity lets you can create RSS for any ANY webpage. Feedity will take virtually any web page, and convert it into a fully formed RSS document.

Highly recommended for any tech-savvy librarian.
Feedity is a simple, fast and very useful web service to create rss web feeds. Although there are many similar tools available (some downloadable and some web-based), but I'm hooked to Feedity because of its quick automated results (no manual work, no programming, no downloads) and sleek usability.

Feedity aims to make it easy and possible for anyone to extract and reuse content from any website. By doing so, we hope to allow others to realize their creativity, and implement new exciting services & applications."

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