Sunday, September 30, 2007

Vancouver Libraries on Strike

We have been without a contract for 273 days
We have been on strike for 70 days

Please add your name to our online petition
encouraging the City of Vancouver
to engage meaningfully in negotiations

Direct public feedback
is the best motivator of civic politicians.

hy is the Vancouver Public Library closed?

Cupe Local 391, the local that represents library workers at VPL, has been trying to negotiate a fair collective agreement with our employer since December 18, 2006.

Unfortunately, we have been met with nothing but stonewalling and delay. Because we've seen no authentic negotiation on the part of our employer, library workers are left with no choice but to take job action.

hat are we bargaining for? We have four key issues:
  • Pay equity
  • Improvements for part-time and auxiliary workers
  • Improved language for job security
  • Improvements for health benefits
hy Pay Equity?

Being paid fairly is a human right. The library is a predominantly female workplace and, as a result, library workers have been underpaid for decades. It is only ethical to pay library workers fairly in a way that compensates them for the required education and skills necessary to do the complex job of facilitating library service.

hy improvements for part-time and auxiliary workers?

Almost half of CUPE 391 members are either part-time or auxiliary workers. Of these 380 workers, only 50 members receive any kind of pro-rated health and vacation benefits. The rest of these employees receive only a small percentage in lieu of benefits that comes nowhere near fair compensation.

hy do we need Job Security?

Contracting out is a big threat to our workforce and the public services we provide. Contracting out is a trend that offers no real savings while negatively affecting our ability to offer a quality service. We can not afford to lose talented people who care about the communities in which they work.

hy Improvements for Health benefits?

Changes in the delivery of health services necessitate updates to our health insurance plan. We have not proposed anything in our health benefits package that is not in-line with other public service employees.

hat can you do to get your Library services back?

Please write, e-mail and phone your concerns to:

VPL Board Chair Joan Andersen, City Librarian Paul Whitney
and the Vancouver Public Library Board
c/o Vancouver Public Library
350 West Georgia Street
Vancouver, BC V6B 6B1
Phone: 604-331-4003
Fax: 604-331-4080
Mayor Sam Sullivan and City Council
Third Floor, City Hall
453 West 12th Avenue
Vancouver, BC V5Y 1V4
E-mail the Mayor and Council:

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