Saturday, July 07, 2007

Rosseau Library accepts books and beer bottle returns


Area residents can now take empty beer, wine and liquor bottles to the Rosseau Library.

The project gives Rosseau-area residents a place this summer to take their empties – not currently available in the village – and helps the library raise money by returning the bottles for deposit.

Although taking a liquor bottle to the neighbourhood library seems contradictory, library board and Friends of the Library member Fred Neal said it's another service the library can perform for the community.

Also, the initiative acts as a fundraiser and a conduit to showcase the library and its services to area residents, said library officials.

"Some people might find out there's a whole world to explore and (just) hadn't stopped in before," said library board member Jack Hepworth.

Library access

He said that those dropping off the beer, wine and liquor bottles could make suggestions of resources they'd like to have access to at the library.

Library staff member Kelly Collard came up with the idea recently and the library board approved it last week.

"You know why I thought it would be great, because we're kitty-corner to the liquor store," said Ms Collard.

The first bottle collection day was slated for June 30, during the village garage sale, with subsequent collections on Fridays between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. during the Uptown Market, while the library sells used books on the front yard of the Memorial Hall.

Also, Ms Collard said, representatives may go out and pick up bottles from residents, even from island homes.

With a case of 24 beer fetching a $2.40 return, Ms Collard said she expects to raise at least $24 each Friday this summer.

"That's a couple hundred dollars and I think that's a really low estimate," she said.

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